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Can you name the people who made Sex and the City guest appearances?

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Carrie hooked up with him after meeting at the therapist's office
She played the ex girlfriend of the 20-something guy that Carrie was seeing - they went to a house party where people were playing spin the bottle and she and Carrie kiss
She played herself - caught Carrie in her house in bed in LA and mistook her as a prostitute
He played a cool guy in LA who gets Carrie and Samantha into a club; then takes Carrie to look at million dollar houses; later turns out to be a personal assistant to the stars
He played Carrie's high school boyfriend who was in a mental institute
She played the bossy director of the fashion show that Carrie was walking in
She played herself - walked in the same fashion show as Carrie
She played the 13 year old brat who hired Samantha as her publicist for her Bat Mitzvah
She played herself - friend of Aiden's ex, the face girl; she went to get a pretzel with Stanford at the farmer's market while Carrie confronted the face girl
The Russian artist who whisked Carrie away to Paris
Played annoying 20-something agent in LA who wanted to make Carrie's column into a movie
He played himself - Carrie meets with him in LA to discuss possibly making a movie out of her column
Played herself - got pissed and told Samantha off when she found out Samantha used her name to get a Birkin bag
Played Carrie's boss at Vogue; got set up with a short ugly dude by Carrie and her boyfriend
Played bitchy friend of Carrie's who hosted a baby shower where everyone had to take their shoes off and Carrie finds out at the end of the party that someone took her shoes
Played the hot doctor who moves into Miranda's building; stuffed a tampon up Steve's nose to stop from bleeding
Runs into Samantha on the street on a hot day and tells Samantha that she was just at the Soho House pool; Samantha ends up going to the pool with the girls on a stolen ID
Played the 25 year old Mr. Big marries; chips her tooth while chasing Carrie

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