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Can you name the Dog breed by hints given?

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Breed CharacteristicsBreed
Likes to get things, comes in 3 colors
Likes to get things, comes in 1 color, Air Bud was one
Perceived as mean, often used in fights, shares first name with the last name of a famous actor
Snooty, white, French, poofy
Police dogs, used by Nazis, Rin Tin Tin was one
Helped rescue injured skiers with brandy
Pulls a sled, Disney made a movie about one bringing vital medicine to a small Alaskan village
Likes tacos, small and often found in a purse
Known for its enormous size, TV show about one that loves to eat and solve mysteries
Small, droopy, piercing bark, one is a star of a long running comic strip with an owner named Charlie
Normally brown and white with very thick fur, one is known for pulling Jimmy out of a well

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