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'The Guinness Book of World Records' certified what host of '20/20' had clocked more hours on network commercial TV than any other person (a record later broken by Regis Philbin)?
What Scottish philosopher-economist appears on the reverse of a £20 banknote?
What is the Starbucks name for a drink size of 20 ounces?
What is the name of a regular geometric solid with 20 faces, as used with 20-sided dice in games such as Dungeons & Dragons?
The title character of 'Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future' and the ensuing '80s TV series served as spokesman of the 'Catch the wave' ad campaign for what doomed product?
Before Andrew Jackson replaced him in 1928, what Democratic president appeared on the face of a $20 bill?
'Twenty Years After' is the second of the d'Artagnan romances written by what French novelist?
What precious metal is the suggested modern gift for a 20th wedding anniversary?
Amendment XX of the U.S. Constitution reduced the transition period between administrations by moving presidential inaugurations to January 20 and closer to what event?
What 3-D puzzle can optimally be solved in no more than 20 moves, known as 'God's number'?
What Hall of Famer had his #20 retired by two baseball teams (Baltimore and Cincinnati)?
The country calling code +20 is required when making international direct-dialed phone calls to what African country?
What is the chemical element with atomic number 20?
What 20-year-old became the youngest male ever to win an acting Oscar for his performance in the Best Picture winner of 1980?
A champagne bottle size of 20 liters is named for what biblical king?
What NFL team won its first and (to date) only Super Bowl in Super Bowl XX?
The annual award given to 20 best short stories, presented in partnership with the PEN American Center, bears the name of what master of the short story form?
What Grammy-winning singer-songwriter is the lead vocalist for Matchbox Twenty?
The Group of Twenty, or G-20, comprises 19 member countries and what other entity?
What do you call getting 20 correct answers on this quiz? (Note the acrostic in previous answers.)

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