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Can you name the terms that contain 'Fire' or 'Ice'?

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Practicing the evacuation of a building
Open source web browser
Otherwise known as a lightning bug
Handheld tool for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows, usually on automobiles
Became a Winter Olympic sport in 1976 and features couples consisting of a man and a woman
Frozen Carbon-dioxide
Parking is prohibited in these areas to ensure the access of safety equipment to a structure in the event of an emergency
Outdoor sport that often involves the use of a technical axe and belaying
North American varieties tend to be short on taste and long on alcohol, designed for the purpose of cheap intoxication
Technological barrier designed to prevent unwanted communications between sections of a computer network
Stereotypical place for canines to relieve themselves
Current events debate television program that aired from 1982 to 2005 on CNN. Tucker Carlson and James Carville appeared as hosts.
Frozen ice pop eaten out of a cellophane tube
a 1977 song by British-American rock band Foreigner from their self-titled debut album
Inadvertent shooting towards one's own forces while attempting to engage enemy forces
Idiom meaning 'in a precarious or risky position.'
Series of thirty evening radio speeches given by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt between 1933 and 1944
In American Football: What a team tries to accomplish by calling a timeout immediately prior to a field goal attempt by their opponent
Used extensively before the invention of refrigerators to store perishable foods
Rapper Robert Van Winkle's alias.
Slang term for someone with red pubic hair

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