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to see
to listen to
to refuse to
to reward for
to come [for dinner, to help]
to vote for
[a] to play [a game/sport]
[b] to play [an instrument]
to deserve to
to climb
to plan on/intend to
to taste [something]
to learn how to
[a] to change [trains]
[b] to change into
to have to
to tell [someone] to [do something]
[a] to finish [-ing verb]
[b] to end up [-ing verb]
to invite [someone] to
[a] to write in [ink, French]
[b] to write about
to be interested in
[a] to buy from
[b] to buy [something] at [the market, the stall]
to cost about
to be able to
to get ready to
[a] to read [the newspaper]
[b] to read in [the newspaper]
[a] to wait for
[b] to expect to
to break in/into [pieces, halves]
[a] to try on
[b] to try to
to help to
to forget to
[a] to belong to
[b] to be around/near [Paris, 3:00]
[a] to pay for [a meal]
[b] to pay for [someone]
[a] to put on
[b] to start/take up/become [something]
[a] to go to
[b] to go toward [Paris] [OR to go at/around [3:00]]
[a] to look for
[b] to look in [the box]
[c] to attempt to
to persuade to
[a] to arrive at/around [3:00]
[b] to arrive from [Paris]
to rain in [France]
to resemble
[a] to begin [-ing verb]
[b] to begin by [-ing verb]
to offer to
to choose to
to take [something] from
to suggest [-ing verb]
to laugh at
[a] to go out
[b] to get out of [the bathtub, my house]
to respond to
[a] to promise to
[b] to promise [someone] to [do something]
[a] to look at
[b] to look in
[a] to talk to
[b] to talk about
[c] to speak for/on behalf of
[a] to ask for
[b] to ask [someone OR for permission to do something]
to feel/smell of
to hear
[a] to think/believe
[b] to believe [something]
[c] to believe in
to work for

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