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on the front page
the news
an appeal
a weapon
the weapons of mass destruction
to murder or assassinate
an attack
a suicide bombing
to take up arms
a knife
the abortion
a suburb
an assessment or death toll
injured or wounded
a bomb
a heat wave
a case of absolute necessity
the UN peacekeeping forces
a rioter
an air disaster
an environmental disaster
a natural disaster
a government overthrow
a cease-fire
an unemployment rate
a disaster fund
a power outage or blackout
a crime
a criminal
a crisis
a cyclone
the damages
a bereavement or mourning
a financial disaster
a political disaster
a drug
a rockslide
an election
a riot
an investigation
an epidemic
to extradite
a fire
a cop (informal)
the police custody
a tear gas
a landslide
to be on strike
a war
the bird flu
the swine flu
an immigrant
the taxes
a flood
an insurgent
some bad weather
a suicide bomber
a law
a struggle or fight
a demonstration
a murder
a globalization
a space shuttle
a death penalty
a hurricane
a shortage
the police
a police officer
the politics or policy
a politician
to sue
a trial
a global warming
a disaster region
a counter-attack or after-shock
a retirement
a ballot
an upheaval
according to
a disaster victim
a soldier
a poll
a union
a healthcare system
a witness
a storm
the terrorism
to shoot at
the headlines
a tornado
the public transit
an earthquake
a truce
to kill
a vaccine
a victim
to vote
the media
an advertisement
a kidnapping
a rape
a bloody battle
a hijacking
a hostage
a reported case
a world food crisis
to promise
an upsurge in violence
a peer
in recent days

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