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Can you name the World's Most Powerful People according to Forbes?

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President, United States of America
President, People's Republic of China
Prime Minister, Russia
Chairman, Federal Reserve, U.S.A
Founder Google, U.S.A
Founder Google, U.S.A
Chief Executive, Telmex, Mexico
Chairman, News Corp., U.S.A
President, Wal-Mart, U.S.A
King, Saudi Arabia
Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.S.A
Pope, Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City
Prime Minister, Italy
Chairman, GE Company, U.S.A
Chief Executive, Berkshire Hathaway, U.S.A
Chancellor, Germany
Chairman, BlackRock Inc., U.S.A
Secretary of State, U.S.A
Chairman, Goldman Sachs Group, U.S.A
Propoganda Chief, Communist Party of China, China
Mayor, New York City, Founder, Bloomberg LP., U.S.A
Secretary, United States Treasury, U.S.A
Chairman, ExxonMobil Corp., U.S.A
Chairman, Cheung Kong Limited, Hong Kong
Chairman of National Defense Commission, North Korea
President, European Central Bank, France
Governor, Bank of Japan, Japan
Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, U.A.E
Chief Executive, Toyota Motor Corporation ADS, Japan
Prime Minister, United Kingdom
Chairman, JPMorgan Chase & Company, U.S.A
Former President, U.S.A
Chief Investment Officer, Pacific Investment Management Company, U.S.A
President, Brazil
Chairman, China Investment Corporation, China
Prime Minister, Japan
Prime Minister, India
Founder, Al-Qaeda, Saudi Arabia
Prime Minister, Pakistan
Dalai Lama, Tibet
Grand Ayatollah, Shi'a, Iran
Drug Trafficker, Shinaloa Cartel, Mexico
Deputy Prime Minister, Russia
President, Russia
Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited, India
Media Personality, U.S.A
Prime Minister, Israel
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, France
Governor, People's Bank of China, China
Chief Justice, United States Supreme Court, U.S.A
Head, D-Company, India
Executive Editor, New York Times, U.S.A
Chairman, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, France
President, FIFA, Switzerland
Director-General, Al Jazeera, Palestinian
Chairman, ArcelorMittal ADS, India
President, France
Chief Executive, Apple, U.S.A
Chairman, Canon, Japan
Chairman, Tata Group, India
President, International Olympic Commitee, Belgium
Chairman, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China
Governor, Mato Grasso, Brazil
President, World Bank, U.S.A
High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations, Portugal
Director-General, British Broadcasting Corporation, U.K
Founder, World Economic Forum, Germany
President, Venezuela

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