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Aheimlich maneuver
Bflowering top of cabbage
Ca good weight loss food
Ewhich came first? The chicken or the..
Fbulb like stem base. yellow flowerheads.
Gto keep the vampires away
Hhay is for _____
Isank the titanic
Jgreen and hot. ay ay ay
Kform of cabbage
Lin need of a plumber
Mtrippy (fungi)
Nform of cabbage (if you're tired you should take a ___)
Ocauses tears
Pone word- halloween
Rbig toxic leaves
Smakes pop-eye strong
Unot crop normally grown in american gardens. In pickled form is added to hot sauces
Vtype of bean (type of fabric)
Yquite possibly the only vegetable starting with y
Ztype of squash. can be made into bread

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