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'There is someone that can stretch like me!?'Monkey D. Luffy
'Those clothes, so you're a High Schooler, huh. Even if you're older than me there's no reason you should hold back, come on then, let's do this!'Tatsumi Oga
'Do not use such strong words, not when you look so weak.'Makoto Shishio
'Do you really know where my sister has gone?'Nogami Neuro
'If I lose I'll do anything my opponent says!'Killua Zoldyck
'You already show off your body to the public, what makes you so hesitant?'Lala Satalin Deviluke
'To me there is no such word as 'reckless''Misogi Kumagawa
'Hey, you have some weird clothes, what village are you from?'Hiei
'So you're trying to say it's not 'reasoning' it's divine providence'?'Zebra
'I can't fight against such a cute girl.'Lala Satalin Deviluke
'What a disgusting woman...'Arale Norimaki
'Woahh! I was just scalded...what a difficult opponent, huh.'Makoto Shishio
'What a selfish guy.'Taro Yamada
'I will not allow you to be in this world! I'm settling this!'Tatsumi Oga
'It's been a long time since I've used my fork!! And my knife!!'Kenshiro
'Woah! You, how long have you been standing there!?'Tetsuya Kuroko
'Right or wrong...I favor my friends over people who fight for fun.'Akainu
'You are somewhat...' 'You look like you're the kind of guy who uses cards as a weapon lol'.'Hisoka
'Huhhh? You're tiny, aren't you!'Shoyo Hinata
'I'm going to ask you again...How does this sund, will you come and work underneath me?'Tsunayoshi Sawada
'Oh so you're the deliquent with a baby! Nice to meet ya!'Tatsumi Oga
'It is all ok, I have come here to assist you.'Shoyo Hinata
'I guess we have to fight.'Killua Zoldyck
'Let's get this over with! This fight...will be the last fight...'Raoh
'Hmph, you are very precautious aren't you.'Yusuke Urameshi
'Why don't we make this a little entertaining, let's begin shall we?'Jaguar Junichi
'This guy's an idiot.'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
'Don't feel so friendly around me.'Joseph Joestar
'Ok, now we are going to start out proficiency test! Go all out like you're serious!'Sket Dan (Sket Dance)
'I don't want to see your face again!!'Frieza
'I really want to break you as soon as possible.'Gon Freecss
'Huh? Are you talking to me? Who the hell are you? Exactly what are you talking about? Is something wrong with your head?'Akainu
'Megane! Ganeme! Heh..Ganeme is merely just a normal word...'Kagura
'Humans don't have tails right?'Vegeta
'You...Do you remember when I was at my golden age?'Jaguar Junichi
'Hehehe, how did you guess...?'Momotaro Tsurugi
'Don't say such stupid things...I will only work for those that I trust!'Sosuke Aizen
'Don't get so cocky, I'm gonna kill you first.'Portagas D. Ace
'Listen, you have to do as I say, understoof? So shut up and listen to me!'Joseph Joestar
'Do you really hate my flute that much!?'Raoh
'I have no interest in hair!! I already have the most awesome hair!'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
'Hey you...Are you getting cocky with me?'Sosuke Aizen
'From now there will be no hesitation. I will send you straight to hell!'Nogami Neuro
'There is always something that a man has to protect! But a man has to always keep quiet around his friends!'Naruto Uzumaki
'It is better that you see this with your own eyes!!'Hiei
'Who do you think you are...Do not command me!'Akainu
'If I'm your opponent, you'll just take it easy on me and not go 100%, I really don't want that.'Korosensei
'I have confidence in my jumping ability! I'll knock down any lanky guy!'Heihachi Edajima
'Aren't they finished with their warming up session yet?'Allen Walker
'With my strategies, I will never lose!'Meisuke Nueno
'Your brother is super strong! I really wanna fight him again!'Portgas D. Ace
'You didn't even have to say that! You stupid Permed Samurai!!'Gintoki Sakata

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