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Forced Order
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'You failed; now suffer.'
You think you're a hero, but you're really just a symbol of how low this city's fallen. We're better off without you.'
'You took too long, Batman.'
'I'm dissapointed. I expected better from you.'
'That's it?! All this build up and he falls over like he's made of sticks?! What an anti-climatic ending!''
'What's up, Batman? In two minds about saving the kitty? Let me help you out. KILL HER!'
'Awww, look at that poor little bat. Got his wings clipped.'
'I knew it. You're nothin' but a lightweight loser.'
'This is hardly a surprise. I always knew I was better than you.'
'The thought of killing a man should turn my stomach, but as I look at you now I feel... nothing.'
'And another arrogant human dies.'
'Aren't you supposed to be up on your feet and trying to stop me?'
'Ah... The sweet scent of defeat.'
'I bet you never expected the end to come to this.'
'Someone cut the mask off his face. No need to be gentle.'
'I know, intimidating, aren't I?'
'You dissapoint me detective.'
'It was the performance of a lifetime!'
'You fought well. And so I grant you the favor of a quick death.'
Hmmm. Not much to look at from up close. Don't know why everyone was so afraid of him.'
'The world's greatest detective dies at the hands of the world's greatest assassin.'
'So the great Batman has fallen. Good.'
'You fought well, Batman. But I am stronger. Faster. Smarter. And so this ends the only way it could.'
'Oh dear, oh dear, what have I done? Oh that's right, I killed the Batman.'

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