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Forced Order
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John Boehner
Mike Johanns
Mike Gravel
John McCain
Greg Walden
Olympia Snowe
Ed Rendell
Richard Shelby
Bobby Jindal
Alvin Greene
Bob McDonnell
Eliot Spitzer
Steve Beshear
Jim Matheson
Judd Gregg
Bill Clinton
Haley Barbour
Steny Hoyer
Tim Kaine
Joe Lieberman
Ben Nelson
Doc Hastings
John Edwards
Christine O'Donnell
John Dingell
George McGovern
Harry Reid
Tom Harkin
Newt Gingrich
Tom Foley
Peter Hoekstra
Susana Martinez
Brad Henry
Ron Wyden
Joe Biden
Ike Skelton
Ray Mabus
Rudy Guiliani
John Rockefeller, III
John Thune
Orrin Hatch
Sarah Palin
Elizabeth Dole
Lindsey Graham
Walt Minnick
Patrick Kennedy
Scott Brown
Jeanne Shaheen
Linda Lingle
Russ Feingold
George W. Bush
John Kerry
Jeb Bush
Bill White
Al Gore
Bobby Bright
John Glenn
Lamar Alexander
Linda McMahon
Kathleen Sebelius
Dennis Hastert
Daniel Inouye
Al Franken
Gabrielle Giffords
Jim Douglas
Mitch McConnell
Chuck Grassley
Howard Dean
Ken Salazar
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tom Tancredo
Tom Coburn
Jimmy Carter
Pat Toomey
Alan Grayson
Denny Rehberg
Max Baucus
Larry Craig
Kent Conrad
Roy Blunt
Sam Brownback
Dick Cheney
Nancy Pelosi
Michelle Bachmann
Mike Huckabee
Evan Bayh
John Hoeven
Bill Richardson
Lincoln Chafee
Michael Steele
Richard Lugar
Barack Obama
John Baldacci
Chris Christie
Bob Menendez
John Ensign
Edwin Edwards

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