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This Bravo series is hosted by Heidi KlumTelevision
North Dakota's capital was named for this manState Capitals
His 'Nude Descending a Staircase' caused a scandal at the 1913 Armory showArtists
His 'Innocents Abroad' started as a series of travel letters about his trip to EuropeAmerican authors
Marie-Louise, this man's second wife, married him by proxy in 1810Historic names
This is the longest river in Asia, & third-longest in the worldRivers
Helium, argon, and neon are classified as these gasesThe periodic table
This former minister played bass guitar on 'The Tonight Show' in January 2008Politicians
This country's traditional dishes include meekrob and nasi gorengInternational food & drink
Jhumpa Lahiri wrote this 2003 novel about a Hindu family's transition to life in MassachusettsWorld Authors
This actor-turned-director directed the 2007 film 'Into the Wild'Movie directors
This play begins on a ship carrying the wedding party of Alonso's daughter ClaribelShakespeare
His record-setting baseball was branded with an asterisk before being sent to the Hall of FameBaseball
4-letter term for a horse with a reddish coat sprinkled with whiteStarts with R
This New Zealand capital is the southernmost capital in the worldThe Southern Hemisphere
After losing the presidential race to Lincoln, he was chosen to be Secretary of StateHistoric Americans
His only opera was 'Fidelio'Opera
In 1953 the Lenin Peace Prize went to this Chilean poet & diplomatWorld Poets
mangabey, rhesus, proboscisCommon Bonds
Donor of a hepatic organRhyme Time
Christine Ebersole won a 2007 tony for playing 2 Edies in this play based on a documentary filmThe Tonys
The third of Henry VIII's wives, she died giving birth to his son EdwardBritish History
This reaction occurs in the chloroplasts, the oval-shaped, green organelles in plantsThe Plant World
Collective term for the 'Costs' involved in transferring real estate from a seller to a buyerBusiness Terms
19-year-old Bilawal was chosen as the successor for this leader's partyNames in the News
Born in 1800, he believed God had chosen him to lead his fellow black slaves to freedom19th Century America
Cygnets are the young of this animalAnimals
From the Latin angere, 'to torment,' it's defined as the anticipation of danger or problemsPsychological Terms
This color of the Libyan flag is also a symbol of devotion in IslamColors
It's the first book in the New TestamentThe New Testament
This rapper received 8 2008 Grammy nominations, including album of the year for 'Graduation'The Grammys
He was the only bachelor president for his entire termU.S. Presidents
This Riviera city has a museum devoted to the works of artist Henri Matisse, who spent his last years thereEuropean Cities
Usually symbolized by a letter, a changing quantity in algebra is called thisMath terms
Raila Odinga, who claims to be Barack Obama's cousin, is the opposition leader in this countryIn the News
Johann Eck debated this noted Protestant in 1519 & helped him get excommunicated in 1521The 16th Century
Mary Ann Evans wrote 'Silas Marner' & many other novels using this pen nameFemale Authors
This Atlantic 'sea' is named for the seaweed that can be seen thereGeography
It's the food of the godsStarts with A
2 lines, at right angles to each other'Per' Words
Sara Gruen's 'Water for' these animals explored the circus life during the Great DepressionBestsellers
Famous for his chairs, in 1946 this designer had the first one-man furniture exhibit at MoMADesigners
In 2002, she became the first African American to win the Oscar for Best ActressAfrican American Firsts
This Jane Austen novel begins, 'The family of Dashwood had been long settled in Sussex'Novelists
The first presidential trip out of the U.S. was Teddy Roosevelt's 1906 inspection of this projectPresidential firsts
Vinson Massif is the highest point on this continentThe Continents
He's credited with writing 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey'Ancient Authors
Rhonda Byrne wrote this 2007 blockbuster which had everyone helping themselves through positive thinkingSelf-Help
In English, this verb form usually starts with 'to,' as in 'to go' or 'to be'Grammar
The original author's last story about this detective was 'The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place'Last Things

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