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Can you name the Japanese-born Major Leaguers?

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Teams/YearsPlayerPosition/Career AB or IP
SF 1964–1965P, 89.1 IP
HOU, STL 1972–1973IF, 56 AB
OAK 1990–1991P, 78 IP
OAK 1994IF, 14 AB
LAD, NYM, MIL, DET, BOS, TB 1995–2008P, 1,976.1 IP
PIT, DET, COL, HOU 1995–1999P, 128.1 IP
SEA, KC, COL, MIL 1996–2002P, 465.2 IP
ANA, SEA 1997–2005P, 720.1 IP
NYM 1997P, 31.1 IP
NYY, TEX, MTL 1997–2002P, 514 IP
NYM, COL, MTL 1998–2002P, 757.1 IP
BOS, MTL/WAS, MIL, TOR, CLE 1999–2007, 2009P, 1,070 IP
CLE, LAD, BOS, SD, SF 1999–2008OF, 2,707 AB
DET, SEA, LAD 1999–2005P, 95.2 IP
COL 2000P, 13.2 IP
STL 2000–2001C, 9 AB
SEA 2000–2003P, 223.1 IP
NYM, SF 2001–2003OF, 876 AB
SEA 2001–OF, 6,180 AB
LAD, NYM 2002–2005P, 564 IP
MIL 2002P, 13.2 IP
NYM 2002P, 43.1 IP
STL, PHI, CHC 2002–2009OF, 1,369 AB
ARI, HOU 2003–2004, 2007P, 155 IP
MIN, TOR 2003–2004P, 38.1 IP
NYY, LAA 2003–OF, 3,427 AB
Teams/YearsPlayerPosition/Career AB or IP
CLE 2004–2005P, 54.1 IP
CWS, NYM 2004–2005P, 98.2 IP
NYM, HOU, COL 2004–IF, 2,260 AB
SD, TEX 2004–2007P, 232 IP
CWS, SD, PHI 2005–2008IF, 1,841 AB
LAD 2005IF, 39 AB
OAK, SF 2005, 2008P, 126 IP
LAD, BOS, ATL 2006–P, 253.1 IP
SEA 2006–2009C, 1,609 AB
BOS 2007–P, 431.2 IP
BOS 2007–P, 199.2 IP
NYY 2007–2008P, 71.2 IP
PIT 2007P, 21 IP
TB, PIT 2007–IF, 1,419 AB
CHC 2008–IF, 1,052 AB
CLE 2008–2009P, 65.1 IP
KC 2008–2009P, 51.2 IP
LAD 2008–P, 321.1 IP
TEX 2008P, 4 IP
ATL 2009–P, 173.1 IP
BAL 2009P, 66.2 IP
BOS 2009P, 25.1 IP
NYM 2009P, 27.1 IP
NYM 2010P, 6.2 IP
NYM 2010P, 11.1 IP

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