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Can you name the Cornell University Locations?

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G.S. ______ Auditorium
#1's explorer partner
Alpha, ____, Gamma
A wise man
Down-daughter, opposites
Screwdriver Central
Snow White eats these
A red light district
Streets Center
A yellow man's beer + Tackling a question
___ __ a day's work
Silver lose, and...
To scold + Opposite of exit
A tiny kitten's sounds
This building should've been made of logs
I sold my Verizon shares
Three Neesons
High-altitude Howard's Hall
Lock and ___ + This weighs a ___
A Kardashian's Koosh
Not the butcher or the candlestick maker
A seagull, for clothing
A large hammer
A summer shirt + It landed in 1969
A-needin' something, to drink
A one-dollar bill wouldn't be caught dead ____
_____ Peace
To jostle a dude
Jerry always blamed him
An ethical edification
A textbook publisher on the hill
From flirting to 24
The formula for angular momentum
A care center, for your children
Porn Star Place
Your brother or sister's Spanish law
Nixon lived here, but not before Christ
Barbie's boyfriend + Homer's neighbor
If Tom Cruise's kid got all jumbled up
O, Protective Barriers of Dolls!

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