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Can you name the Top 30 Rap Albums in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums?

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48 (1988)Public Enemy
118 (2005)Kanye West
123 (1986)Run DMC
134 (1994)Notorious BIG
138 (1992)Dr. Dre
144 (1988)NWA
153 (1991)A Tribe Called Quest
156 (1989)Beastie Boys
219 (1986)Beastie Boys
228 (1987)Eric B. and Rakim
242 (1984)Run DMC
244 (2000)Eminem
250 (1996)Jay-Z
252 (2001)Jay-Z
275 (1999)Eminem
298 (2004)Kanye West
302 (1990)Public Enemy
314 (1998)Lauryn Hill
346 (1989)De La Soul
349 (2003)Jay-Z
353 (2010)Kanye West
361 (2000)Outkast
387 (1993)Wu-Tang Clan
402 (1994)Nas
437 (2008)Lil Wayne
453 (1988)EPMD
469 (1996)Fugees
470 (1985)LL Cool J
476 (1997)Notorious BIG
480 (1995)Raekwon

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