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what is North Americas tallest mountain a) Mt. McKinley b) Mt. Logan c) Mt. Washington
what is the worlds longest river a) Nile b) Amazon c) Ching Jiang
what city hosted the 1998 Summer Olympics a) Macon b) Atlanta c) Rome
the tallest mountain in the world is in a) the Southern Ocean b) the Indian Ocean c) Pacific Ocean
the largest country is a) U.S.S.R. b) Indonesia c) Korea
the newest country is a) Germany b) USA c) Canada
name a country that is not a word a) China b) Sudan c) Wales
the northernmost city that has over 1,000,000 people is a) Paris b) London c) Edmonton
the birthplace of Albert Einstein is a) Bonn b) Essen c) Munich
the worlds tallest building is in a) Dubai b) Norwalk c) Lethbridge
Jesus was born in a) Bethlehem b) Jaffna c) Jericho
which country has one of the top 10 largest world cities a) Palestine b) Barbados c) Bangladesh
Yezrzons 19 largest city is a) Cape Lark b) Hetrzon City c) St. Xavier
London a) Holland b) Australia c) Canada
Camden a) New Jersey b) Massachusetts c) Pennsylvania
South Africa has a) 1 b) 3 c) 2 capitals
in North America there is 2 official languages in a) USA b) Bahamas c) Canada
Old Faithful is in a) Bryce Canyon N.P. b)Hot Springs N.P. c) Yellowstone N.P.
Metlife Stadium is in a) Newark b) East Rutherford c) Elizabeth
CN stands for a) Canadian National b) Carson City Nevada c) Croatian Nuts
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