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Has used Philip Seymour Hoffman in five films.
Known for his exorbitant shooting ratio and endless takes.
Films that he wrote/directed often revolve around the rise and fall of main characters who, in classic Shakespearean style, are unmade by their own vices.
Frequently uses Mêlée weapons, such as the 'samurai sword'.
His films frequently involve African Americans and African-American themes.
Frequently casts Robert Duvall, the late John Cazale, Nicolas Cage, Diane Keaton, Matt Dillon, Harrison Ford, Laurence Fishburne and Marlon Brando.
Features many precisely centered, straight-on shots.
His films often have a Gothic feel to them, often including Christmas and/or Halloween scenes.
Invented the extreme close-up in western-style films.
Often has a quick cameo in his films.
Heavy use of Dutch tilt shots [shots are tilted sideways].
Having some sort of twist in the end or surprise ending in his films.
In all his films, at least one character yells 'Go! Go! Go!'. Often uses machines as an important plot point or weapon.
Films often centre around or include a botched crime. Frequently cast John Goodman.
Frequently casts himself as a neurotic New Yorker.
His films often feature characters who seem unstoppable and near-indestructable. Characters often have exaggerated British accents.
Frequently uses music by The Rolling Stones, especially the song 'Gimme Shelter'.
Is credited for starting the summer blockbuster tradition in 1975.
His films almost always end with the character's fate open to interpretation.
Big explosions, often in slow-motion, with people running away in the foreground.

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