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Can you name the actors/actresses given the first and last 3 letters of their names?

Quiz Updated Nov 5, 2012

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Shortened NameActor/Actress
Rob All
Cha Ron
Lia Son
Pet Ole
Sea Enn
Ree Oon
Hug Man
Jav Dem
Den Ton
Mar Een
Ale Win
Que Fah
Jam Oxx
Joa Nix
Pen Ruz
Gen Man
Shortened NameActor/Actress
Kei Ley
Bil Ray
Pie Nan
Rus Owe
Mor Man
Geo Ney
Dan Wis
Leo Rio
Woo Len
Nat Man
Mat Mon
Sig Ver
Syl One
Nic Age
Ang Lie
Eli Lor

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