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Can you name the movie that contains the capitalized word from the movie title above (See comments)?

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Actor/Actress (Year)Movie
Molly Ringwald (1986)
Julia Roberts (1990)
William Hurt (1985)
Tobey Maguire (2002)
Denzel Washington (2004)
Daniel Radcliffe (2005)
Clint Eastwood (1971)
Lee Marvin (1967)
Steve Martin (2003)
Cary Grant (1959)
Charlize Theron (2005)
Josh Brolin (2007)
Tom Cruise (1992)
Matt Damon (1997)
Daniel Day-Lewis (2007)
Frances McDormand (1985)
Billy Bob Thornton (1998)
Dwayne Johnson (2007)
Robert Redford (2001)
Actor/Actress (Year)Movie
Roger Moore (1977)
Leonardo DiCaprio (2002)
Paul Rudd (2009)
Paul Scofield (1966)
Dustin Hoffman (1976)
Clive Owen (2006)
Kate Winslet (2006)
Greg Kinnear (2006)
Jim Carrey (2004)
Russell Crowe (2001)
Kirsten Dunst (2001)
N!xau (1980)
Jet Li (2000)
Bruce Willis (2007)
Sean Connery (1967)
Lana Turner (1946)
Elijah Wood (2003)
Peter Sellers (1975)

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