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Can you name the 4 letter words, abbreviations and acronyms starting with Aa, Ab, Ac...?

Featured Dec 6, 2009

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AaU.S.-based organization for retirees
AbSwedish pop music group
AcUnit of area
AdNeurobehavioral developmental disorder
AeChocolate bar or user interface
in Windows Vista and 7
AfBushy hairstyle
AgFever marked by chills
AhInterjection sounding like clearing one's throat
AiDisease of the human immune system
AjFootball club, programming technique
or household cleaner
AkGrammy Award-nominated R&B singer-songwriter
AlSecond highest voice part in a 4-part chorus
AmSlang for gunpowder and artillery
Starts with...AnswerHint
AnBoleyn, Frank, Hathaway or Murray
AoNumerical video, audio and DVD software company
ApClimax or peak
AqColor or Danish pop band
ArCommon Ancient Roman structure
AsIncludes Bhutan, Iran and Thailand
AtThe basic unit of elements
AuAtmosphere emanating from
a person, place, or thing
AvTaxonomic class for birds
AwMilitary term for 'desertion'
AxLine about which a rotating body turns
AyElizabethan musical composition
AzSpanish word for 'blue'
or Windows XP desktop background

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