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Can you name the things mentioned in 'The Lost Art of Conversation' by The Divine Comedy?

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Popular British television actor
An Elizabethan philosopher, or a 20th century artist
Professional footballer, son of a fellow England international
An early-20th century international organization
Oscar-winning film starring Ralph Fiennes
15th century French martyr; Morrissey empathises
False perceptions in any of the senses, most commonly vision
Beach Boys song, or a defunct punk record label from Belfast
American composer & musician. Definitely not a chain of Dr Mark Sloan-themed holiday resorts.
An activity where it's important to determine early on whether dogs or buses are being used
Racing over hurdles and water jumps; horses are optional
Movement founded by Martin Luther
In Roman Catholicism, the change of bread and wine into Christ's body and blood
Count Dracula is one of these, as is Van Helsing
An area of South-East Europe comprising parts of modern day Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

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