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Can you name the Infinity Gauntlet Characters?

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super powersCharacterappearance
Wears the gauntlet, super strength, smartStrong, Wears blue and gold. purple skin
DevilishAll red
MagicBlue outfit with a red cape
Cosmic powers, rides a surf boardsilver
superhuman strength, speed, staminayellow with a red cape
Web slingerred and blue
Super soldierblue and red with a shield
Good with arrowspurple and blue
Leader of SHIELDblue and white
Super strengthGreen or Grey with purple shorts
Fire staffyellow with red boots and gloves
Super strength with a hammer, Asgardianblue outfit, red cape, yellow boots
Androidall white
super strengthFemale, green, purple
Cosmic guardianred with a blue cape and a star on his chest
Strong, genius, strong armormostly green with silver
flying (made by apocalypse)purple and blue with silver wings
genius, super strengthblue
strength, acrobaticblue and white (marvel catwoman)
psionic light bladeswhite
acrobatic, blind, billy clubsred
flying, fireflames
ice powerswhite/blue
invisibile, force fieldsblue suit when not invisible
telepathy, telekinesisgreen and gold with red hair
genius, stretching his anatomyblue suit
strengthyellow shirt, yellow boots, blue pants
super powersCharacterappearance
superspeedbaby blue and white
strengthbigfoot like
strength with a shieldwanna be captain america
planet destroyerpurple and blue giant
extraterrestrial shapeshiftersgreen skin, purple outfits
creating a dimension of darknessblue outfit
adamantium claws, superhealingyellow and brown outfit with claws
super armor, strength, powers from his suityellow and red armor
strength, speed, stamina,durabilityblue outfit with a red W on his chest
manipulating probability using hexesred outfit
strength, super swimmergreen and gold speedo
super strength, flight, cosmic energygreen skin purple outfit
powers of the nova forceblue and yellow outfit
shoots laser beams from eyesblue and yellow outfit with goggles
martial arts expert, acrobat, lots of weaponswhite outfit (marvel batman)
superhuman strength and durabilityblue and gold outfit, with purple skin female
deathpurple cloak
strength, intelligence, psionic powersblue outfit
unable to diepurple and navy outfit
psychic control over the emotions of othersred and white outfit
strength, agility, exceptional martial artistgreen skin, green outfit
Cosmic powerssilver surfer like titan
friend of adam warlockshort, blue skin
Omnipotence Omnipresenceman figure of the universe titan
omnipotencepurple face with a starry mouth and eyes titan
Virtual Omnipotencepeach face titan

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