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Can you name the answers to these questions about the TV show American Dad?

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In order to better sing the National Anthem, Stan has Steve participate in a reenactment of this war.
What Desperate Housewives-esque group of women does Francine join, and then regret doing so?
What is the name of Greg and Terry's surrogate daughter?
What pre-vacation food does Stan use to aid in knocking out his family before placing them in the goo?
Who does Steve accidentally kill upon receiving his first gun?
How long after being on the police force does it take for Roger to become a dirty cop?
What do the people at 'Camp Refoogee' refer to tetherballs as?
What is Hayley's married last name (as of season 6)?
What instrument does Steve play to attract the attention of Lindsay Coolidge?
What is the name of the racehorse that Stan switches minds with?
As king of spring break, what specific liquor does Roger's scepter shoot out?
What does Francine's mom put on Hayley's '**** lip' as a remedy?
What allergy of Stan's causes him to carry an Epipen at all times?
What play is Francine a performer in before the family moves to Saudi Arabia?
In what city was Deputy Director Bullock's wife held hostage?
Who stole Stan's drone airplane from the body shop Steve left it at to be fixed?
What does Roger believe 'SJP' stands for when he invests all of his and Steve's money in the stock market?
Klaus briefly inhabits the body of the frontman of a covergroup of which band?
What animals does Debbie use her dad's gun to shoot the eyes out of?
What is the code that disarms the bomb at the CIA telethon?
Who's autograph appears on the baseball that President Bush chases up the stairs to meet Roger in the attic?
What activity are Stan and his dad, Jack (and Steve), participating in when Jack imparts wisdom on Stan for the first time?
How is Steve's evil clone, Steverino, killed?
What television show's exhibit at the Smithsonian does Roger go to see?
What is the name of the butcher who Francine sets up with Stan's mom?
What political figure assists Stan when he runs for church deacon?
Hayley and Steve think Francine has a problem with black people, but in reality, it's these people she really has a problem with.
What movie does Roger insist that Steve and his friends recreate due to their similarities with the main cast?
What is the name of Stan's children's book character that is repeatedly rejected by publishers?
Instead of carrying around Snot's spare inhaler, Steve uses it to create a model of this.
What company becomes a corporate sponsor of the CIA due to financial hardships?
What does Stan claim is the greatest hobby of all for defeating 'evil urges?'
Which artist's hotel painting does Steve believe is of his 'dream girl?'
What stop # is the Smith's house along the route for the Parade of Homes?
What Olympic event was Klaus competing in when the CIA switched his brain with that of a fish?
What does Stan call his Saudi Arabian second wife due to her real name being 'impossible to pronounce?'
How old is the woman Steve makes out with when he seeks consolation over his fake, dead grandfather?
When Roger plays 'Tearjerker,' what is the title of the film he creates?
What videogame does Stan play intensely while he's up all night enjoying 'Stan time?'
What comic strip does Steve read as Stan is falling through the stairs under the Lincoln Memorial?

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