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Cartman gets one of these in the very first episode.
Randy Marsh battles this foe at the Colorado Little League State Championship.
When Kyle holds his birthday party here, Cartman goes to great lengths to attend.
The boys are sent here after making seemingly homophobic remarks about their teacher.
Butters gets a ninja star stuck in this part of his body.
The name of Cartman's Christian rock band.
The people from the future are given this 'timecist' nickname.
Cartman goes in for a tonsillectomy, and comes out with this.
Kyle's adopted, Canadian brother.
The boys stumble upon these creatures while camping in the woods.
Mr. Garrison holds a grudge against this celebrity for beating him in a talent competition when they were children.
Cartman's mother's name.
When the boys fake Butters' death, he reappears as a girl with this name.
The name of the Terrance and Phillip special which kicked off season 2 as an April Fool's gag.
When South Park is invaded by people from New Jersey, they turn to this person for help as a last resort.
This classmate of the boys actually had his 'very own' episode before Butters did.
The boys enlist the help of these girls when they want to start their own circus.
The name of the 'Hooters-esque' resturaunt for kids.
Cartman's half-brother, and, at one time, his mortal enemy.
The name of the kid who vows revenge on the boys after they framed him for arson in pre-school.
Tweak gets visited by gnomes who steal these from him.
Scuzzlebutt saves the boys from this by building a wicker basket.
The 'real' name of the 'talking' whale the boys rocket to the moon.
This person conducts the worldwide recorder concert.
The alien-leader of Tynacorp who made Towelie.

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