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Can you name the American Dad facts?

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Where does Stan work?
What high school does Steve attend?
What is the Smiths' address?
Who are the 'anchorpartners' that live across the street from the Smiths?
Stan accidentally becomes addicted to crack thinking it's what?
What kind of business does Francine open at the mall?
What was the title of Stan's unintentionally homoerotic one-man show?
Jeff Fischer was a wanted fugitive in the state of Florida for what crime (that he was framed for)?
Francine cannot stand what celebrity after they upstaged her in a small television role?
What energy drink does Steve become addicted to?
What is Hayley's middle name?
What are the four little words Stan never wants to hear Francine say (again)?
Roger won an Olympic gold medal in what sport?
What is the name of the Chimdale security guard who seems to turn up in many other similar facets?
What is Stan and Francine's favorite drink?
Who provides the voice for Stan's boss, Avery Bullock?
Hayley attends what college?
When Roger learns he's not 'the decider,' what does he find out his real job was?
Stan attempts to make this person poop in a swimming pool to make people forget about his own doing so.
What is Klaus' last name?
What was Buckle's job before he became a reclusive woodsman?
Stan becomes obsessed with what band after forbidding Hayley to attend their concert?
What nickname does Stan give the alligator-wrestling bum fighter he trains?
What is the name of Steve's on again, off again, overweight girlfriend?
What genre of music did Roger take credit for creating?
What does Steve name the cat who keeps violently scratching his face?
What is Stan's 'winter secret?'
What does Steve see to alert him that he's dreaming?
What is the name of the small nation that Roger becomes the leader of for a short time?
How old was Stan when he first shot (and killed) someone?
What does Francine yell whenever she exits a voting booth after pretending to vote?
What is the name of Stan's body double?
What illness befalls Stan as a result of eating tainted jerkey?
This person's treasure is buried beneath the Smiths' house.
Who did Francine claim she killed when she was in college?
What is Steve's character's name in Dragon Scuffle?
How old is Roger (as of season 6)?
What kind of car did Stan restore part by part?
What is Hayley's sleeper agent trigger phrase?
Who is Stan's backup wife?

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