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Can you name the Oscar winning performances where the actor meets a tragic fate before the credits roll?

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Description of roleActor's NameName of Movie
The '**** of all time' meets death in explosive car accident
He had AIDS
Female boxer is mercy killed by her trainer. At least he didn't cry!
Illiterate Nazi with a spotless mind hangs herself in prison
First gay man elected to public office in San Francisco is assassinated
Boston-ite dealing with child trauma is murdered by long time friend
Drug addict grandpa steals the movie and the Oscar, and in return is stolen from the hospital and shoved into the back of a van.
Guess who's coming to save you from drowning? No one - he still dies.
Edith Piaf drinks and smokes and dies
Hobbling your abductee is no way to win him over
Orchid thief mauled by alligator
Woman tries to foil Nazis. Damn those Zionist hoodlums!
Gangster whacked off for whacking off gangtser
Innocuous game of Russian roulette ends... badly
If the lobotomy doesn't stop you, being smothered to death with a pillow certainly will!
They're young. They're in love. They kill themselves. (1957)
'I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!' *gunshot*
Suffice it to say, we were entertained
Description of roleActor's NameName of Movie
Teena Brandon is arrested, humilated, abused, raped and murdered. The audience subsequently, feels A LOT like crying.
Women claims innocence for murder but is still gased
Devout Catholic is beheaded for not supporting King Henry VIII
Apparently acting like a clown during the Holocaust will still get you shot
Actor packs on pounds only to be blown to smithereens in the films finale
Being young and innocent makes you the perfect target for an air bombing in World War II England
Dracula cannot hold his heroin(e)
Brutal western law enforcer gets his just deserts
Virginia Woolf gets depressed and drowns herself. Nose and all.
Horse accident kills Hollywood icon
Fiery Brit is murdered to cover up conspiracy
Jedi Knight cannot survive World War II
The gay neighbour, in the garage, with the revolver!
Ol' Irish laddie is annihilated by bullets and still manages to crawl half away across his apartment
Crooked cop gets shot repeatedly and beaten - but he totally deserved it
Being King of Sian does not make you immune to illness
Old British biddy croaks on boat back to England and cannot testify at rape trial
Tough, pirouetting Peurto Rican bites it in a gritty street rumble - easy action!

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