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'Excuse me, while I kiss the Sky!'
'You make love, you break love, it's all the same'
'I heard you shot your lady down'
'Would it burn me if I touched the sun'
'Nothing can harm me at all'
'Maybe tomorrow, I just can't say'
'Somewhere a queen is weeping, somewhere a king has no wife'
'Just play with me, and you want to burn'
Freaky instrumental about Earth
'You know you're a cute little heartbraker'
'Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful'
'That's why you can't hold me down'
'For thirty years they've been married, and they don't get along so well'
'Some folks say he's a tramp, but I know it goes a little deeper than that!'
'You can see in the future of a thousand years'
'But a since my baby left me he ain't sang a tune all day'
'The key won't unlock this door'

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