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S**t straight killer, Max Payne, Travis Porter, Make it rain.
Tell dese B**ches im the man, Money over B**ches N**ga thaz the plan.
I need my money pronto, Get it in the mornin like Alonzo, Rondo.
Put the lime in the cocunut and mix it all up.
T-T-T raw when i walk in the door, Bi**hes they know, ya B**ches they know.
knock know who dere, Houdini dissapear, More green Paul Pierce.
Ya B**ch im ballin, B**ch im ballin, Betcha N**ga he aint ballin.
All day long, Do it like Tony, F**k her friend then i pass it to the big homie.
In the peekhole, Carlito, Scarface, Al Pacino.
Call a MotherF**ker by they goverment, but call me Crazy.
Walked A thousand miles, Just to say her smile Again.
Did you have fun, Cause imma need a cab to get me home.
Got a white girl named Hanna, She gigging off my grandma, Call that s**t Janice.
All my homies now im ballin, Now what the circumstances bee girlll.
This right here, Imma bout to rekill, Cack it in ur ear, Re-Resurect and dissapear.
Its that fire-arm, That cherry bomb, I light it in yo face, Mr. Eddison.
N**ga Racks on Racks, My B**ch A** so fat, My B**ch booty like a pankake.
Its that young beastie N**ga, brrrr Hot stick em.

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