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Can you name the funniest movies from the 2000's?

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Jim Carrey (2000)
Ben Stiller (2008)
Will Ferrell (2007)
Will Ferell & Jon Heder (2007)
Seth Rogen & Katherine Heigl (2007)
Sacha Bara Cohen (2007)
James Franco (2009)
Vince Vaughn (2005)
Luke Wilson (2001)
Aziz Ansari (2011)
Jon Heder (2004)
Woody Harrelson (2009)
Bradley Cooper (2009)
Steve Carell (2005)
Jonah Hill (2007)
Tyler Perry (2011)
Seth Rogen & Anna Faris (2010)
Kristen Wigg (2011)
Adam Sandler (2012)
Owen Wilson (2011)
Cameron Diaz (2011)
Danny McBride (2011)
Justin Timberlake (2011)
Jennifer Aniston (2003)
Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen (2009)
Rob Schneider (2006)
Russell Brand (2010)
Anna Faris (2001)
Simon Pegg (2007)
Jason Segal (2008)
Sean William Scott (2008)
John Travolta (2007)
Cuba Gooding Jr. (2001)
Dane Cook (2007)
Jason Biggs (2009)
kevin james (2011)
Adam Sandler & Rob Schneider (2008)

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