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Can you name the Dead Hunger Games Characters? May contain major spoilers!!!

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Forced Order
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Disintegrated by Tracker Jackers
Blown up in the Capitol
Decapitated by lizard mutts
Avenging Rue
Mauled apart by mutts and shot in the head
Blown up in the mines of District 12
Sacrificed for the safety of Kat, Fin and Pee
Killed by Gloss in the 75th Hunger Games
Had a spear in the belly from Marvel
Probably Cato, but who knows?
Hit with a rock
Shot at the execution of Snow
Choked on blood
Saved Peeta by jumping into a mutt
His death was the last thing Katniss saw before entering the Hunger Games
Killed by Brutus, as announced by Peeta on TV
Forced to eat poisonous berries
Didn't know that the berries were poisonous

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