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Can you name the answers to these difficult 'Hangover' questions?

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What is the name of Tracy's father?
How much does Phil ask for from his students for the field trip (dollars)?
How much did they spend at the gas station on the way to Vegas (dollars and cents)?
What is the receptionist's name at Caesars?
How much does the villa cost at Caesars (dollars)?
When the guys are ready to leave the hotel for the night, Alan says 'Are you guys ready to...
Alan suggests checking the baby's...
What does Alan 'name' the baby?
What is the baby's real name?
How much did Stu take out of the ATM machine (dollars)?
Where did Alan say he found a baby before?
At the police station, the officer tells the kids 'We call this place...
Alan's grandpa died during World War 2 doing what?
When Mr. Chow jumps out of the trunk, Alan tells him he hates...
Alan says 'Tigers love pepper, they hate...
When driving to Tyson's house, Alan asks 'When's the next...
How much did Mr. Chow win playing craps that went missing (dollars)?
When Mr. Chow stomps on the purse, Alan says 'Hey there are ______ in there.'
Where in the Mojave Desert does Mr. Chow tell the guys to meet?
How much money does Alan put on the table to play blackjack (dollars)?
Alan couldn't go back to Vegas the next weekend because who was in town?
At the exchange, Alan says 'The Doug we're looking for is a...
When do Stu and Jade plan a date for?
What did the guys blame for being late to the wedding?
What comedian is shown with the guys in the pictures during the credits?

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