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Forced Order
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the mean girl everyone hates. She is manipulative and does anything it takes to get what she wants no matter how much it hurts someone else.
the head gymnast at the rock with a possible eating disorder
the poor gymnast that knows exactly what she watnts
the gymnast that is getting better every day trying to regain her title
the beloved coach who left the rock
the christian who tries to see good in everyone
a gym mom who is also the manager and was competeing with Me.Tanner as ther president of the gym
the male gymnast that has been with more than one rock girl.
the rich gym dad that does whatever his daughter wants.
the gym mom that is constantly disappointing her daughter
the guy that is emilys love interest
The top denver gymnast who wears her hair in two buns while competing
the evil ex-gymnast that might be trying to get rid of the rock coach. Coach of the national team.
the new member to the rock that has a big heart even though he doesn't come across that way

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