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Can you name the female musical character from these lyrics?

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LyricFemale CharacterTitle of Show/Song Title
I'm the bravest individual I have ever met
Someone out there tell me mother, look at me, I'm all grown up
I am not a stranger to the rain
I will not be the girl stuck at home in the 'burbs with the baby, the dog, and the garden of herbs
Let the moment go, don't forget it for a moment, though
The swamps of home are thicker than blood
So if you care to find me, look to the western sky
You musn't squeeze a melon 'til you get the melon home
Look at me, can't you tell I'd be so thrilled to see the message in your eyes
Look at me and tell me who I am
LyricFemale CharacterTitle of Show/Song Title
You're gonna love me
This diva needs her stage, baby, let's have fun
I've been living to see you, dying to see you, but it shouldn't be like this
Why do I want him still, why when there's nothing there?
I want to be like everyone else, but richer and more acclaimed
Do you wake up in the morning and need help to lift your head?
You'll never tame me, but you can claim me at the lost and found!
Twenty years I sat and waited, I'm very dedicated
Tell him Angela and I don't want the two dollars back, just him
Don't feel a thing you wish, grasping at pearls with my fingertips

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