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lyricsong title
I wrote a goodbye note in lipstick on your arm when you passed out
dont panic
You are a getaway car
How cruel is the golden rule?
im a stitch away from making it
You're a canary, im a coal mine
mr sandman showing his beam
are we growing up or just going down?
have u ever wanted to disappear
light that smoke yeah one for giving up on me
when i wake up, im willing to take my chances on
bury me standing under your window
lifes just a pace-car on death
brothers and sisters put this record down
i hope this is the last time
sometimes i wanna quit this all and become an accountant now
clap until your hands hurt
you are a brick tied to me
Last summer we took three's across the board
spent most of last night dragging this lake
Im gonna make you bend and break
say my name and his in the same breath
i am such a sucker
the DA is dressed to the nine's
lyricsong title
i wanna see your animal side
im holding out and im holding on
Ive loved everything about you that hurts
did you trip down 12 steps into malibu
we take sour sips from lifes lush lips
she says she no good with words
i got troubled thoughts
i cant explain a thing
i comb the crowd and pick you out
you only hold me up like this
im here to collect your hearts
im good to go
im not a crybaby
landing on a runway in chicago
i dont know where youre going
you could have knocked me out with a feather
my heart is on my sleeve
im a preacher sweating in the pews
if home is where the heart is then were all just ****
im a young one
this has been said so many times
when romes in ruins we are the lions
I thought of angels choking on their halos
i said outside my front window
lyricsong title
I am an arms dealer
I found the cure to growing older
i need more dreams
i think i fell in love again
joke me something awful
be careful making wishes in the dark
something make my chest stir
drink down that gin and kerosene
Baby seasons change but people don't
i just want to be better than your, your heads only medicine
Last years wishes are this years apologies
they say we are what we are, but we dont have to be
some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold
i could walk this fine line between elation and success
wishes bounce me weightless
Its all a game of this or that now versus then
Am i more than you bargained for yet
i confess, i messed up
my heart ticks in beat with these kids that i grew up with
no thesis existed for burning cities down
im coming apart at the seams
A penny for your thoughts but a dollar for your insights
im sleeping my way out of this one

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