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Making values comparable to variables of different units
A family of models for unimodal and symetric distributions
A numerically valued attribute of a model
A value showing how many standard deviations a value is from the mean
The percent of values that fall within one standard deviation of the mean
In a box plot, any point more than 1.5 IQR's from either end of the box
The difference between the first and third quartile
A value that tells how far off a model's prediction is at a specific point
A sample that consists of the entire population
An observational study where the past conditions of subjects are studied
When groups of experimental units are similar they are ____ together
If A and B are disjoint events, then the probability of A or B is the same as the probability of A plus the probability of B
When the outcomes of A and B have no effect on each other
Theoretical long-run average value
There are two possible outcomes and the probability of success is constant
The collection of all possible outcome values
When an observed difference is too large for us to believe that it is likely to have occured naturally
A variable other than x and y that simultaneously affects both variables, accounting for the correlation
The correlation between x and y
Used to determine how well data fits the original data
a model of a real world situation by using random-digit outcomes to represent uncertainty of a variable
Contradiction in overall averages across different groups
the distribution of either variable in a contingency table alone
a representation of data by plotting bars against bin values
The three measures of center
Two measures of spread
A variable which can take any value within a certain range
When combining variables the following can only be added
condition which states that less than _____% of the population must be included in the sample
What should you give your favorite statistics teacher?
Upon walking out the door, how many wall pi tiles do you see?
What color is the most helpful cheat sheet?
Which weighs more- a pound of feathers or a pound of gold?
What did the first note to Ms. Pagnotta say?
What was in April 2011?
Which pi tile makes the least amount of sense
You choose one student randomly from the period 2 statistics class, what is the probability you choose a girl?
What is the probability of finding a senior HL math student in the period 2 statistics class?
Which statistical experiment is going to win the National Statistics Compeition?

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