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Can you name the fun disney trivia?

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Can you the name the disney song?
Home On The Range (Sung after the cows have lost hope of saving the farm)
Princess & The Frog (Sung to Tiana and Naveen about what is important)
101 Dalmatians (Sung after the dogs find their way home)
Pocahontas (Sung after father tells her to be steady)
Brother Bear (Sung while Kenai and Koda are at Salmon Run)
Robin Hood (Sung about mean old Prince John)
The Rescuers (At end of song, Penny tucks in her teddy bear)
Oliver & Company (Dodger sings to Oliver, parade of dogs join in)
Hercules (Muses sing this song after Hades is defeated)
The Great Mouse Detective (Sung while Dawson is drugged)

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