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Who said 'No pumpkin, no'?
Would Nicole be able to strike out Rob?
What is Josh Wigler's weekly Survivor show with Rob called?
An unfortunate name for RHAP fans.
The Dirty Thirty took on the Wine and Cheese club in this game.
Who is the host of The RHAPpy Hour?
Name one of the Big Brother live feed correspondents.
This former Big Brother contestant and repeat guest joined Rob to talk Fuller House.
What does the AF stand for in News AF?
Who is Rob's partner for the Seinfeld podcast?
Who is Rob's co-host for The Amazing Race?
Who joins Tyson and Rob for a weekly podcast called News AF?
Whose tweets are the basis for a recurring game on the podcast?
What's the award show Rob and Josh do for Game of Thrones called?
What is Rob and Nicole's weekly show for Patrons called?
This original Beauty Tribe member is a popular voice mail guest.
Corinne brings this to the Cesternino house for her cast assessments.
Who does Know It Alls with Rob?
Whose appearances frequently end with him hanging up on Rob?
Frequent Big Brother eviction night guest.

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