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What does Ted's mom call him?
What game does JD play that Kelso is also very good at?
Where does Kelso sign all of his paperwork?
When does Turks voice occasionally become higher?
If JD's heart could write songs which band would they sound like?
What is the name of Turk's air band?
What is the name of Ted's A Cappella band?
What is the name of the Janitor's A Cappella band?
When Lloyd joins the Cool Cats how many days sober is he?
When the Janitor shows up at Turk and Carla's wedding and starts stealing utensils where does he say the big money is at?
What was the last thing JD and Turk played together before Turk got married?
What is Kelso's favorite kind of muffin?
What is Dr. Cox's favorite sports team?
What non existing game does the Janitor trick JD into playing?
What new Dr. does the Janitor buy when he pretends that he is the Chief of Medicine?
Who does Leonard the security guard go out with?
What is Kelso's biggest pet peeve?
What game does JD and Turk play that the Janitor also plays?
What country is Carla from?
Dr. Cox used to date which member of Sacred Heart?
What is the one thing JD desperately wants from Dr. Cox?
What does JD say Julie smells like?
What is Dr. Cox's first name?
What does the Janitor tell JD his name is?
What track and field event does the Janitor claim he was world class in?
The Janitor has an army of what in his garage?
What other language does Elliot speak?
What non verbal language does the Janitor know?
What disease does Turk have?
What is the name of the bird that helps the Janitor in 'My Cabbage'?

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