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Forced Order
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What is the name of Minas Tirith's twin city?
What is the name the elves gave to Treebeard?
What is the name of Gandalf's wizard cousin?
What is the name of Gandalfs sword?
Who did the Ents lose a long time ago?
Who is Gimli's father?
What is the name of the trees who have grown dark and use darkness to conceal their movement?
What is the name of the river that runs thorugh the Old Forest?
What is the name that Hobbits give to objects they have no use for but do not wish to get rid of?
How many Palantir are on Middle Earth?
What is the eastern gate of Moria called?
Name the Hills of Hearing and Sight.
Who is Eomers father?
What are the color of the leaves in Lothlorien during the winter?
How many kills does Gimli have at the battle of Helm's Deep?
Who was the 4th Hobbit in Merry, Pippin, and Sam's conspiracy?
What is a gathering of Ents called?
What gift did Theoden give Gandalf?
What was the name of Sam's pony that journeyed with them until Moria?
What tree captures Frodo and his companions in the Old Forest?

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