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Who is the one man Dr. Cox hates the most?
When tormenting the doctor who botched D. Cox's vasectomy what word does Ted's band not say?
When the Janitor is referring to Elliot what does he call her?
What disease does Rowdy have?
What does Kelso think Turk's name is?
What was is the name of Kelso's son?
What is the name of the musical Kelso's son wrote about him?
Who is the leader of the Brain Trust?
According to Elliot what does Dudemeister mean?
What card game does JD play with Mrs. Wilk all night?
What name does the Janitor give himself when he pretends to be a doctor?
What object does the Janitor manage to pull out of a patient butt?
What is the only thing Old MC ever says?
What does JD use a burglar alarm to keep Turk from stealing his cookies?
What is the name of Kelso's wife?
What instrument does Gooch play?
Who is mole butt?
What does Ben Sullivan carry around with him?
What is the name of Elliot's gay brother?
What song does the Cool Cats jam to atthe end of 'My Half Acre'?
What is the name of the Janitor's adopted brother?
Which patient dies because Cabbage forgot to wash his hands?
Why does Denise say she likes fat guys?
Jill Tracy die of what diesease that is diagnosed only 4 times a year?
What song did Turk bring back by making it his cellphone ring tone?

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