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Lets start easy. Who is the main character?
Who is his sister?
Where do they work?
What is Dexter's secret?
Who taught him how to kill.
Who is Dexter's biological mother?
Who is Dexter's brother?
Dexter's brother was the famous ______
Where were Dexter and Brian discovered by Harry?
How many episodes are there of Dexter?
Who is Dexter's wife?
Who killed her?
Her killer was known as ______
Who witnessed Rita's death?
Who was the only other person to learn the code?
He hired ______ to kill Dexter
What is Dexter's apartment number?
Who kills Doakes?
What is Dexter's nickname for his urge to kill?
When Dexter's bodies are discovered, what nickname do the police give him?
Who killed Frank Lundy?
Who was Deb dating at the time of Lundy's death? (Besides Lundy)
What is the name of the final episode of the series? (SE 8 EP 12)
Who does Dexter kill in the final moments of the episode?
Who does Dexter realize helped teach him the code along with Harry?

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