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What did Mrs. Everdeen give Gale the day after he was whipped?
What was the song Katniss sang on her first day of school?
Who did Peeta use as an excuse for Katniss knowing the avox girl?
On the victory tour of the 74th hunger games, what color was effies wig?
What is the first meal Katniss eats after the Games?
Who won the 69th Hunger Games?
What gender is Finnick and Annie's child?
What are the three words that Peeta said on television that save District Thirteen?
What was the first material that Katniss used to conceal their cave shelter?
What did the District 10 tributes wear in the opening ceremonies of the 3rd Quarter Quell?
Who won the 65th Hunger Games?
What is the last word said in the book 'Mockingjay' (including epilogue)
What dress does Katniss wear in District 1 on her victory tour?
which one of katniss' prep team members has curly hair?
Who won the 70th Hunger Games?
What is Katniss' favorite kind of bread?
What was the 'Star Squad' 's official team number?
Who won the 8th Hunger Games?
Who was killed 20th in the 74th hunger games?
what food do katniss and gale eat in the begining of the Hunger Games book?
What game did Katniss play with Buttercup in District 13?

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