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en inglésen español
You used to see rain there every month?
How many people are there in the park?
We used to speak French each weekend.
You gave me a headache.
She read to me last night.
The twins used to go downtown Wednesday instead of Saturday. [twins = Maggie & Lois]
This is where we used to live.
We used to be men.
They used to put sugar in their coffee.
I put a pair of tools here.
en inglésen español
What did you say? I didn't understand you.
I used to cut my hands but now I have gloves.
After Thursday comes Friday.
We knew the truth.
I drank water all day but I'm thirsty.
They saw snow on the ground.
He made the dome yesterday.
Do I seem sad?
How much do the shoes cost?
I had a fork and a knife.

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