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en inglésen español
I'm going with you?
It's a concrete and brick floor.
Does your brother speak English?
Where is the job site?
There is noise because we're breaking the windows.
The steel saw is in the house.
My cousin lives without God.
The word of the day is screwdriver.
I am in our house.
She has the wooden hammer.
Why do you want to break the drill?
They want to go late in the night.
Do you have the keys?
I don't live with my nephew, he lives downtown.
The people of the city want to fix the streets.
en inglésen español
I have to measure the hole.
Do you want to go to work with me?
They are stone walls.
Is there a phone between the bathroom and the kitchen?
Yes, I speak Spanish, and I speak Italian and French too.
I want to go but I have to build the wall.
I am in the village.
We are a family.
We have zero grandchildren.
Careful! It's a glass roof!
There isn't a door and there aren't windows either.
There are fourteen copper screws.
I have two daughters and they are twins.
It's very early in the morning!
My grandmother eats dogs and my aunts and uncles eat cats.

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