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Can you translate these verbs into Spanish?

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en inglésen español
to raise (children)
to turn off
to bring // to take // to carry
to use [not usar]
to sneeze
to cuddle
to kiss
to rain
to go down // to descend
to go to bed
to blink
to beat (heartbeat only)
to bring [Latin root: tract]
to maintain
to enjoy
to step // to step on
to laugh
to deny
to spend (not time)
to hit // to punch // to glue
to pick up
to kick
to fall asleep
to squint
to grab // to get
to cry
to go away // to leave [not salir]
to smile
to answer
to dry
to create
to stop (doing something)
to worry
to choose // to elect
en inglésen español
to begin
to meow
to complain
to hit // to bat (baseball)
to entertain
to remember [reflexive]
to treat // to try
to win // to earn
to take off
to stretch
to risk
to produce
to offer
to breathe
to regret
to stink
to wet
to taste
to go up // to ascend
to mandate // to send
to cough
to wake up
to raise (physically)
to hit (in any way)
to detain // to stop
to howl
to require
to please
to tickle
to receive
to massage
to find
to bite
to lie (about the truth)
en inglésen español
to shut up (talking)
to refuse (to do something)
to hug
to exercise
to turn on
to carry // to charge
to bark
to sustain
to empty
to respond
to snow
to retain
to smell
to continue // to follow
to own // to possess
to seem
to sweep
to get sick
to feel
to send (mail)
to satisfy
to handle // to deal with // to bear
to stop
to climb (using hands) // to scale
to fill
to bleed
to frustrate
to weigh
to ask for
to take out
to lose
to drool

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