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HintFour Letter Word
Change directions
Consume fuel for energy/ _____ rubber
Where animals and farm equipment are kept
Inform someone of a potential danger or hazard
Item offered for sale
Thin piece of metal that conducts electricity
One of the things changed during pit-stops
Combustion that gives off heat, light, and smoke
Opposite of soft
Place where foods and animals are raised
Fee paid to a taxi driver
Part of a person that includes eyes and nose
Indy 500 and Daytona 500, eg.
Consistent speed of a car
HintFour Letter Word
Glass part of a window
Scourge, curse, affliction
Nota ____ (n.b.)
Not straight
To win over others
Dark red edible root
Drink made from grain, hops, and yeast
Grizzly, Polar, Black, and Koala, eg.
Kidney, Black, Navy, Pinto, e.g.
Raisin ____ (cereal)
To gloat or boast
Short for fragment
Item that signals drivers in races

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