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The Blue French Horn looks like a...
Ted's go to Halloween Costume
Ted's mysterious Halloween Hottie
What girlfriend goes to Germany?
Song played in the 'Fiero'
Barney's brother (actor...)
Marshall sells out and goes to work for...
The series narrator
The Eriksens primary salad ingredient
Robin, Ted, Marshall and Lily all have lived above this bar
Robin's PopStar Alias
Barney's Father
Swedish architecture firm
'Dowisetrepla' stands for...
Marshall's hometown
Barney's Catchphrase
Dr. Stella's Famous Assistant
Eriksen's favorite sport
Ted's Radio Personality
Ted's Architecture Firm
Not the golden rule but ... 'Never ever, ever, EVER love thy neighbor'
American media personality obsessed with the best New York City burger
Legen... wait for it...
A pantless news anchor who goes to Chicago
Who would take a 'P' in the gutter over Julia Roberts any day?

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