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Are You Smarter Than a Law Student??

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Term for students who repeatedly raise their hands in class
The stereotypical law school class has how many finals or tests?
Besides offer and acceptance, contract formation requires?
What famous constitutional Law case established the Supreme Court's power to exercise judicial review?
What court is the ultimate authority on the U.S. constitution
If one wanted to learn about the 'Rose, The Barren Cow' case, what class would they attend?
What is the abbreviated term for a law student in their first year?
What grading mechanism is applied to virtually all law school exams?
Students applying to law school must take which standardized test?
What is the method of teaching used to lecture law students in class?
Students who score high enough in Moot Court competitions join the Order of the ....?
When presented with a legal question, a stereotypical law school, cop-out answer is...
What acronym are law students supposed to follow when writing an essay answer
Name the Journal that Law Students think makes them awesome if they write for it.
First year law students will learn to despise this legal writing style specific to the legal field
The Commerce Clause is dealt with extensively in which First Year Class?
Besides Westlaw, name the online legal research tool that all law students will have ground into their brains.
Whats the legal name, and first year class, for a wrongful act carried out by one individual on another,
First Year Students will likely spend more time creating this study tool than actually studying for the exam.
Law students look at laws created by the legislative branch, which are called...?
In accordance with the principles of federalism, how many court systems exist in the US?
Law students are directed to .... a case read for class in order to separate the case into sections.
A ....challenge is made in court when it is suspected that jurors are being stuck on the basis of race.
What stimulant fuels most law abiding law students through law school by day?
Name the Chief Justice currently sitting on the highest court in the land.
If you lose a case at the trial level, you have a right to ....?
What movie is likely to be referenced repeatedly throughout law school
What is the standard of proof in a criminal case?
Which Supreme Court Justice most recently passed away?
Finish this classic law school saying: 'First year they scare you to death. Second year they work you to death. Third year they... you to death.'
How many Justices normally sit on the highest court in the land?
Name the exam all persons must pass before they can become practicing attorneys.

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