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Can you name the Douchiest Colleges according to GQ??

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1The 'Peace Sign on My Mom's 7 Series' Douche
2The O.D. (Original Douche)
3The Eating-Club Douche
4The *name of school* Douche
5The 'I went to a School So Exclusive, Only Six People Know About It and Half of Them Are So Smart They're Clinically Insane' Douche
6The 'not even College Republicans at Other Schools will Talk to You' Douche
7The 'I Went to a Small liberal-arts College in Massachusetts' Douche
8The Jet Ski douche
9The Snow-Machine Douche
10The Kind-Bud Douche
11The 'Yeah, I Did That When I Was 17' Douche
12The Online Douche
13The Ducks-Unlimited Douche
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14The 'Show Us Your T*ts!' Douche
15The moral Douche
16The Giant-Sunglasses Douche
17The Paul Wolfowitz Douche
18The Future Marketing Executives of America Douche
19The Excessive-School-Pride Douche
20The Fonzworth Bentley Douche
21The 'I brained Someone at Exeter with a 9-iron but My Dad Got Me in Here' Douche
22The Womyn Douche
23The quote-unquote college Douche
24The Burnt-Orange Douche
25The Blue-Blazer Douche

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