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Can you name the cities or towns for each superlative?

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Always has friends overmost visited
Best looking most attractive residents
Friendliestfriendliest residents
Most likely to succeedmost intelligent residents
Most athleticfittest city
Best dressedmost stylish residents
Class flirtwhich city is best for a romantic escape
Class clownwhich city is best for a wild weekend?
Most likely to end up on broadwaybest theater
Most artisticbest art museums/galleries
Most retrobest historical sites/monuments
Most likely to stay in townbest 'neighborhood joints'
Most likely to leave town and not look backbest ethnic restaurants
Quietestwhich city is the best for peace and quiet?
Drama Queenmost noteworthy neighbors
Most likely to solve global warmingmost environmentally friendly
Neat freakcleanest city
Teacher's petsafest city
Class gossipwhich city is best for people watching?
Party Girlcraziest party towns
Overachieverbest business hotels
Most tech-saavy top tech cities

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